Complete HeartX

Currently in demo format, Complete HeartX is a mixed reality experience that demonstrates a fresh approach to connecting tailored 3D anatomy and physiology with diagnosis and treatment, better preparing students for the real-world pressures of treating patients.

Connecting theory with practice

This demo explores how to bridge the gap between theoretical studies and real-world clinical practice. By experiencing ventricular fibrillation in a mixed reality environment, students will be better equipped to recognize and respond to it rapidly and effectively when they come face-to-face with patients. 

Using our signature hyper-realistic 3D models and animations, students can visualize how a regular heart beats, how ventricular fibrillation leads to cardiac arrest, and how to identify and treat V-Fib with defibrillation.

Transport your students to a virtual hospital setting

With limited access to cadavers and hands-on clinical experiences, medical schools can struggle to provide a clear way to connect anatomy to clinical material and time to practice critical clinical skills. Mixed reality can offer a new approach to supplement this training. 

Now with Complete HeartX, medical schools can envision a way to better prepare students for clinical rotations and help develop practical skills. The product places students in an immersive mixed reality environment where they can experience a full V-Fib scenario from understanding the physiology and diagnosing EKG readings to shock delivery.  

This life-like case challenges students to complete tasks under pressure, mimicking real moments in the emergency department.  Complete HeartX helps students master complex physiological concepts, gain confidence managing serious arrhythmias, and make choices that can save lives  – all within a low-risk mixed reality simulation.

How can I get involved?

At Elsevier, we are committed to create advanced learning solutions that empower clinicians to deliver the highest quality care. Complete HeartX represents one of our fresh approaches to transform medical education with immersive technologies. It brings complex biological processes to life through the power of 3D, allowing future physicians to practice vital skills that will better equip them for patient care. This is just the start of reimagining how physicians are trained through technology, with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

Register your interest to stay in touch with our latest developments in this space or if you want to get further involved to evolve this project.

If you want to learn more about the Apple Vision Pro, read the press release here.

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