Complete Anatomy for Cardiology Specialists: Dr. Stephen O’Connor

With access to over 60 high-quality cardiological condition and treatment videos, Professional license holder Dr. O’Connor integrates Complete Anatomy into his clinic daily. Here’s his take on how this tool improves patient understanding.

“My name is Dr.Stephen O’Connor and I’m an interventional cardiologist, working in a high volume centre performing coronary interventions and valvular interventions.

When I explain a procedure to a patient, it’s important that they understand the procedure so that they can consent and understand what’s happening to them. For this, anatomical accuracy is incredibly important, and that’s what really attracted me to using 3D anatomy in my practice.

Complete Anatomy on the iPad Pro
Complete Anatomy for iPad Pro

Previously I used to use pretty cumbersome methods of explanation, using diagrams, pen and paper, or a fixed model of a heart. It was always insufficient for me to fully explain such a dynamic structure like the heart.

In Complete Anatomy, you are able to take parts of the ventricle of the heart away, and see the valve underneath opening and closing. It’s remarkable how accurate it is in depicting how the valve beats.

“ When I discovered this platform, it was revolutionary for my practice. ”

It makes the interaction more relaxed because the patient actually understands the procedure in 3D, rather than being hit with lots of terms and not understanding what’s being told to them.

Even patients who are elderly, right into their 80s and 90s – who are a lot of the patients I treat — will understand so much better by looking at an animation of the procedure, the 3D beating heart, or the actual valve where a problem might exist.

Complete Anatomy for iPhone
Complete Anatomy for iPhone

Sometimes I don’t have my iPad during a consultation — while on a ward round for example — so I use Complete Anatomy on my iPhone to explain a procedure to patients. It’s very convenient for showing patients a procedure or pathology on the go.

We have to do better, and continue to do better, to explain to patients how a procedure is performed and what pathology they have. We have to step up to the mark in explaining clearly and effectively to our patients.”

Doctor and Patient
Dr. O’Connor explaining a pathology to a patient

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