Select multiple structures together to apply view options or to explode them.


Access Multiselect

Multiselect allows you to group structures together for quicker navigation, such as allowing View Options to be applied to the whole group at once. Access Multiselect by tapping the button on the right-hand side of the Infobox.

Selecting and Deselecting Structures

Select structures by tapping them one-by-one. The names of your selected structures appear in the info panel. To select multiple structures with one motion, choose the Select Area function and drag across the screen. Use the Deselect Area function to remove an area from the selection, or deselect an individual structure by tapping the X next to its name in the list.

Undoing and Redoing Selections

You can undo selections by tapping on the ‘Undo’ button in the Infobox. To redo a selection, tap the ‘Redo’ button located next to it.


When selecting multiple structures, the Explode and Assemble tools become available. Tap the associated icons to explore your selection in detail. Press Back to return to the main screen.