Offline Mode

Continue creating content while offline. Items created offline will be synced to the cloud the next time your device is online.


Offline Banner

When you begin working offline, Complete Heart will display a short message to alert you that there is no internet connection.

Check your Status

You can check your current connection status by glancing at the Profile icon in the main menu. If you are working offline, the offline mode indicator will be displayed.

Creating Library Items

You can continue to create and save your work while offline, and view it as normal. In order to share your resource, or see it on another platform, you will need to connect to the internet and sync your new resources.

Uploading New Items

When you are next connected to the internet, your new resources will automatically sync to the cloud, ready to be shared! You can check the sync status of any resource that was created offline by checking the profile icon attached to that resource, where a green line and tick let you know when it’s fully uploaded.