Author: Ashton Luxgrant

Blood supply to the bone

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Every 7 years our skeletal system replenishes itself from collagen in our bones. Not only does our skeleton allow us to move, but it protects our organs, manufactures blood cells, and regulates minerals to help our entire body function. ?Leer artículo

Andreas Vesalius – The father of modern anatomy

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We often hear of crazy medieval medical practices performed on patients. Procedures such as bloodletting ?, putting dung on an open wound ?, or boring holes into the skull to cure illness ?. At that time, it was believed the body was comprised of four humors, astrology had to be confronted before deciding on a treatment plan, or small bobbles could act has magical healing charms. Leer artículo

Anatomy of the aging face

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One of the inevitable facts of life is that we all grow older. Ultimately with aging comes many changes to our body. One of these being the dreaded onset of wrinkles and sagging of our face. ??Leer artículo