Course: Abraham’s Clinical Human Anatomy

Welcome to Abraham’s Clinical Human Anatomy Course. This Course includes 500 exceptional clinical images, collected by the leading international anatomist, professor Peter Abrahams throughout his career, and collated in an interactive Lecture series by skilled anatomical experts at the Complete Anatomy educational team.

Delve into 31 fascinating Lectures and explore interactive Screens covering essential clinical conditions and patient cases. Correlate anatomy to clinical practice with a wealth of medical images, including x-ray, MRI, CT, endoscopic, laparoscopic, cadaveric, ultrasound images and clinical photos exploring pathologies in all regions of the body.

The detailed 3D model helps you to view the body in a more dynamic way to aid your understanding of anatomical relationships, and the vast array of excellent medical images allows you to master essential clinical conditions that every physician should know.

This Course is perfect for medical and graduate students who already have a solid grounding in human anatomy. Upon completion of this Course, students will be able to correlate human anatomy to essential clinical conditions.

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