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Author: Ashton Luxgrant

Alzheimer’s Disease

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According to the National Institute on Aging, Alzheimer’s disease is currently ranked as the seventh leading cause of death in the United States.  READ POST

Understanding Urological Disorders  

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The urinary tract consists of the kidneys, ureters, and bladder. Together these components are the body’s drainage system for removing urine. Urologic diseases or conditions can range from urinary tract infections (UTI) to bladder control problems, or even kidney stones.  READ POST

Palmar Aponeurosis Snippet 

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Beneath the skin on the palm of your hand lies the palmar aponeurosis. In the central part of the deep fascia, this thickened structure is highly specialized. It is in the shape of a triangle and protects underlying neurovasculature and tendinous structures. With its firm attachment to the palmar skin, it provides an improvement on grip.  READ POST

Mother’s Day 2022

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Grandmothers, Mothers, Stepmothers, Adopted Mothers, and Carers. Every Mother looks different for every family, and there are many ways to become a mother. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we look at the miracle of Pregnancy.READ POST

NEW: Detailed Clitoris & Ovarian Cycle

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Our new gross model is the most advanced 3D depiction of the female body on the market, but for some tissues and organs, a gross model just isn’t enough to teach a level of important detail that we believe is lacking in currently available resources. This December, we release 2 new detailed models on the platform; the Ovarian Cycle and the Cross Section of Penis & Clitoris.READ POST

PREVIEW: Ovarian Cycle Detailed Model

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If you’re reading this article, you may already know what the ovaries are in the female reproductive system. They are two ovular structures about the size of an almond and each one lies at the sides of the pelvis.READ POST