The countdown is on: female model coming later this year

A message from 3D4Medical Director of Product, Design and Content, Irene Walsh, about the exciting progress on the new female model and what to expect in the coming three months: 

Firstly a big thank you for being part of our Complete Anatomy community, shaping the future of anatomy learning with us over the past number of years. I really hope you enjoy the incredible new Atlas, Dissection Course and updated models in our 2022 release. 

I know that some of you were hoping for the full female model to be part of this update, and I wanted to address that and give you an insight into what you can look forward to in our November release. 

We are building something really special. This is not your average female model. This is not a model that’s been constructed from parts of the male, with female organs layered in as we’ve seen so many times in this market. This is not a representation of the female as you’ve ever seen it before. 

This is a female model that is completely modern. It’s a female that is cutting edge, built on the back of research at the forefront of its subject matter, with experts who are leaders in their field. This is a female model that will stand alongside their male counterpart with equal level of exquisite attention to detail. 

We are bursting with excitement to get this model into your hands. But we need to make the final finishes. We are taking the time to consider the most appropriate way to present the model in the app, building the conversation about what a fair and equal representation looks like in 2021. 

Along with this, customers who’ve been with us throughout the years will have noticed that our app has grown in scope and content, but with that, has also grown in size. We’ve been working really hard to over the past year to reduce the size of the app enough, to make space for this incredible new female model to take centre stage.  

We’re almost there. Over the next few weeks I’ll be inviting my colleagues from different parts of the design process to show you their amazing work on the female model, so you can participate in this countdown with us. 

Thank you and stay tuned. 

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