New 3D Anatomy Atlas screens inspired by Gray’s

Our award-winning platform continues to smash new frontiers, thanks to our new collaboration with the Gray’s family of products. State-of-the-art, high-definition 3D screens are opening up whole new worlds of anatomy education. And with advanced 3D visualization tools, we continue to push the boundaries of how we learn, teach and learn.

Packed with brand-new visual content, the latest 3D Anatomy Atlas update is launching in July!

What’s NEW?

  • Over 700 visually stunning preset 3D screens — inspired by Gray’s, the definitive, comprehensive reference on the subject.

While we’ve boosted the Atlas with updated interactive 3D content, we’ve also moved it into its own dedicated section, making it even easier to navigate. Logically organized, it’s all presented in a curated order that follows typical learning pathways — so it’s easy to search, sort, study and explore.

Educators can now take anatomy teaching to new heights with deeply immersive, ultra-realistic content. The new Atlas opens whole new windows of discovery and student engagement.

Use 3D model set-ups with your own curriculum — or design new content using the 3D model as the starting point or centrepiece. Let the model inspire new dimensions of interactive learning.

Students, dive on in! These new 3D Screens have to be seen to be believed. Get ready to probe, discover and delve deep. Use our advanced tools to navigate down to microscopic levels. Explore different sections and systems, functions and interconnections.

Take your anatomy knowledge and retention to the next level. Master the material and ace your exams with the 3D Atlas.

Expand your views

See human anatomy in a whole new light. Now with state-of-the-art Screens inspired by Gray’s, the 3D Anatomy Atlas adds exciting new dimensions to anatomy learning and teaching — far beyond traditional textbooks and cadavers.

Read our blog to see how you can access the new Atlas from the newly redesigned Hub.

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